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12/16 Colleen McMullen

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 12/23 Pastor Dick Higgins

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Kanab Crooners

in concert at The United Church of Kanab/Fredonia

Friday, December 14, 2018

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Second Quarter Newsletter

United Church of Kanab-Fredonia

Newsletter April-June 2017

Message from Interim Pastor Ruth:

June 19, 2017

United Church Family,

“Auf Wiedersehen!”  Until we see each other again is so much easier to say than Good bye.  Cedar City is just over the mountain and has some great events and good eateries so when you are coming over the mountain, give me a call.  Same bat number, different bat station.  And, I know the way, two ways, over the mountain to see you.

It has been exhausting trying to keep you at arm’s length, as an Interim Pastor is supposed to, keeping mindful the understanding that their job is to teach and preach while the Call Committee finds the new Permanent Pastor.  It is obvious to many of you that I did not do the best job of ‘not falling in love’ with you-all and with Kanab.  My most fervent wish and prayer is that you received good messages and are prepared to welcome Pastor Martha.  She is one very fortunate woman to come into your community.  But, she was here before and liked what she saw.

Next Sunday, the message is, ‘Passing the Baton.’  We are similar to a relay team, all of us, in that we are commissioned to pass on the Good News.  And so, my lap of the ‘teamwork’ is finished here and I am passing the Baton to Pastor Martha.  You shall be in very good and experienced hands.

Blessings and love and Gratitude,

Pastor Ruth


A cappella Hymn Sing

Summer long: Hosted by Amy Gaskin.  Every Tuesday at 7pm at the United Church sanctuary, June 6- Aug. 29. Contact Amy at for more information.

“Practice your sight-reading and be edified as we blend our voices as a community.  Everyone regardless of denomination, faith tradition, religion (or no religion) is welcome to lead a song.”

Budget update:  United Church of Kanab     May 31st 2017

                                     Budget                 Actual

Income:  General Fund $12,275             $14,840

 Capital Outlay                                            $300

 Community Class                                       $200

 Compassion                                               $200

 Interest                      $100                         $6

 Rental Income           $500                        $873

 Mission Income                                        $526

 Workbooks                                                $65

 Travel Donations                                     $1,500

       Total Income $12,875                     $18,510


 Pastoral Expense  $14,690                     $10,286

 Administrative Expense$4,556              $1,903

 Committees Expense    $1,045              $593

 Facilities Expense      $2,340                 $1,294

 Utilities Expense       $ 1,755                $2,073

 Community Class Expense                    $290

 Compassion Fund Expense                    $38

       Total Expense   $24,386            $16,477

Profit (Loss)           ($11,511)          $2,033


Upcoming events:

·       June 25 -Farewell gathering for Interim Pastor Ruth Kinney:  immediately after service in the United Church’s Fellowship Hall.

·       July 2- Welcoming Luncheon for Pastor Martha:  immediately after service in the United Church’s Fellowship Hall.

Message from Council President

Transition, change, switch, and shift:  all words to describe the ever constant ebb and flow of our lives.  The one thing for certain is that change will occur.  We are creatures of habit though and find comfort in stable patterns.  Comfort is good, but can become so routine that we do not grow in our hearts and spirits. 

Our church family is in another transition period.  We knew that Pastor Ruth was an Interim Pastor, but have developed a relation with her.  She is a good, caring person and will grow in her next Church adventures.  United Church provided her with a charge over the last 8 months and has benefitted from her gifts.

Our church is in an exciting period of welcoming the new permanent Pastor Martha.  She has taken a leap of faith and moved everything she owned across the country to lead our congregation.  She is excited about our family and comes to us using Love as her guiding light.

I would like to invite everyone to join us for Pastor Ruth’s farewell reception on June 25.  I also encourage all to come meet and listen to Pastor Martha’s message on July 2, with a luncheon following service.  Pastor Martha will be leading us every Sunday for the first 100 days of her new position, so if you are out of town July 2- you’ll have an opportunity on a different Sunday that works with your schedule.

She asks that people wear their name tags for the first while, until she gets familiar with her new Church family.

Peace to all,

Joan Keller

Council President




  The United Church of Kanab/Fredonia partnered with Mount Zion Lutheran Church for Trunk or Treat.

The United Church of Kanab/Fredonia partnered with Mount Zion Lutheran Church for Trunk or Treat.


July 2018

From The Pastor:

    As we begin our second year together we’ve had some pluses and minuses, but most important is our worship together.  When you know each face and where they sit in our lovely sanctuary it is a checklist of my heart when folks aren’t present, where ever you are know that you are held in prayer and missed.  It also is a lovely surprise when new faces join us, if only as visitors passing through.  I hope you will take advantage of my Wednesday through Friday office hours 2 – 6 pm and come share your hopes, concerns and personal faith story.    Have a blessed summer, Pastor Martha

Many thanks to those who work to keep the church running smoothly!

·      Grounds clean-up

·      Payment for Romex (weed preventer)

·      Donations to Care and Share

·      Participation in church services

·      And so much more . . .

Communication is key to an informed, happy, close knit and healthy church family. If you are the go-to person for any church responsibility, please let your secretary know.

For now, we have the following list:

Pastor Martha
All pastoral needs
Keep her informed of attendees/family who are ill, home-bound, hospitalized, or have a death in the family
Office hours—Wednesday through Friday, 2 – 6 pm
(If she’s not in the office, check the Sanctuary)

Council president (Cathie Toops)
Contact with any concerns about church business

Council Secretary (Bonnie Ward)
All member group emails, updates to church directory, to add or remove a church calendar event, to reserve an area of the church for an event

Council Treasurer (Linda Stone) 
Church financial matters, reimbursement for approved church work, travel or purchases

Music (DeLynn Brainard, Kris Kowal, Joan Keller) 

Custodial matters (Mary Ranos)